The Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), Annex, Alagbon in Lagos State has admonished Nigerians doing various businesses and those who employ domestic workers to always verify their employees to avoid hiring ex-convicts.

The Force CID gave the warning on its X handle following what it described as high crime statistics involving employees against their employers, sometimes leading to deaths.

There have been many reports of employees committing various crimes against their employers, including aiding and abetting robbery while some domestic staff had made away with valuables of their bosses.

There have been instances when those employed as nannies went away with the children in their care after the mothers left them at home and went to work, leading to the inability to see those children again.

Many of those arrested for committing such heinous crimes are ex-convicts and it was based on the various cases it is currently handling that the FCID issued the warning.

According to the FCID Alagbon: “Attention, good people of Nigeria! Due to crime statistics, Force CID urges you to safeguard your business and peace of mind. Verify your employees through the Central Crime Registry (CCR) to avoid hiring ex-convicts. Stay secure, stay vigilant.”

It therefore urged people to always verify their employees through the Central Crime Registry at the Department to know if the employees have been involved in one crime or another.


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