Man Sells Property For N15M To Process Canadian Visa, Travel Agent Runs Away With The Money

A Nigerian man paid N15 million for a Canadian visa, but the agent doing it for him ran away with the money.

The man sent a message to Grandma Shasha, a TikTok user who creates travel content, and she shared it with her followers.

In the message, the man said before he was able to raise the N15 million, he sold the only land he inherited from his father.

Apart from the land, he also sold his two cars to raise the required amount for the Canadian visa.

Travel agent disappears with N15 million belonging to the client

But it appears all his efforts to relocate to Canada are now in vain as the agent has disappeared without a trace.

Instead of the agreed Canadian visa, the man was only handed a Nigerian passport.

He wrote: “I sold my two cars and my only land inheritance in the village to raise N15 million to give to an agent for a Canadian visa, and all I could get was a passport.

And the agent is nowhere to be found.

“I have tried tracking him, but nothing. I keep calling, and they said the number is not allocated

source: Starnews

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