BEYOND #EndSARS,&EndPOLICE Brutality protests

BEYOND  #EndSARS,&EndPOLICE Brutality protests


#EndSARS protests  is a product of bad leadership, poor governance and deep oppression of the masses

Nigeria Federalism is imperfect and problematic, as We exhibit a system of Federating unit, where-in Federating unit have no clear independence from the Centre, rather dependent and subordinates, this negate the Federal principle that enjoin independent government that made up Federation, hence, Nigeria exemplified the idea of a Federation  without Federalism., as presently constituted, Nigeria’s Federal system exhibit a high degree of centralization, as National resources are substantially concentrated At the Centre, this centralization was a continuation of what begin in Military era given rise to several agitation over the years-with slogan  True-Federalism,Resource control,, Self-determination or restructuring, in addition to the fact that most States created remain unproductive and predatory, whose major interest is misappropriation of monthly allocation, and also the fact that there is no representation at Local government level,uncontrollable Police brutality, forced extortion and wanton killing, and general insecurity, skewed- appointment in favor  of sectional apart of the Country all precipitated aggravate this protest born out of severe oppression where all Youth are been brutalize without caution

Reflection of #End-SARS ,& End-POLICE Brutality

Nigerian Youth are aggressive and resolved  to be boundless in quest for freedom from oppression and unemployment where in over 60million of the Youths in Nigeria are unemployed, coupled with lack of good governance, the struggle is now so fierce and consuming mostly because of Police extortion and brutality, lack of employment and miss-use of opportunity of concentrated power at the Centre and in- balance between exclusive  and concurrent list


As a result of minority playing dominant role in determining the affairs of Nigeria, has necessitated compelling restructure Federalism, through these approach we will be able to achieve the following:

1, Creation of a system that will promote equity and justice and reduction of threat of insecurity

2,Creation of a system that will promote collective identity and equitable distributiveness of available resources among the citizenry

3, Facilitate and ensure understanding of mutual tolerance and respect for the right of regional group

4 Encourage high-level of competitiveness across the region

5, Decentralize power, and initiate effective resource control machinery  with effectivemonitoring from the Centre

6 Ensure proper Alignment between exclusive and concurrent list

7, Promote probity and accountability to guarantee continuous wealth for all

  1. Sack all service chiefs immediately an put them on media trail

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