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Many Nigerians never believed in Covid-19’s existence, so let’s talk about this.

When the first lockdown happened in 2020 due to this virus, what I kept hearing was “do you know anyone that has it or has just dropped dead from it or hospitalized?” Many of my countrymen believed in an agenda from 5G to Bill Gates, opportunistic embezzlers to the devil’s hand.

Now, let me let you in on a little secret it’s just the 1st week of 2021 & people are suddenly dying or being hospitalized. Right from just after boxing day till now, many people know people from their office to places of worship that are suddenly dropping dead or hospitalized but we still refuse to acknowledge the probability that it might be this menace called Corona Virus.

So if it is the virus where did we go wrong? How did it spread so fast? Your guess is as good as mine we partied this December, threw caution to the wind. We ate, drank, travelled and boogie.

Let me also chip in that according to our scientists this Covid-19 strain is a bit different from the previous one, many people (ages between 40 and 60) have verbally admitted that they just might have come down with the virus, and after self medicating for malaria with no improvement, they opted for Zithromax, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and vitamins which ended up being their saving grace.

It’s not our fault, we are social animals and am taking my time to remind ourselves of the basics, which includes hand washing, face masks, vitamins c, zinc and most importantly if you have no business outside, stay home!

Let’s just try our best and stay safe, so you and I can live through 2021 and for many more years to come.

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