GFF Nursing Background Checks: A Complete Guide 2023.

Following the pandemic, we have all come to terms that valuable and credible Nurses have a critical role to play in the healthcare system in Africa and beyond.

In this article, we want to discuss how GFF helps you identify fraudulent nurses even before they resume work on the first day.

At GF Forensics, we implement new methods and products that help expand our core offerings and provide our clients with leading-edge services to help them make informed decisions regarding areas that affect their core business which includes hiring, promotion, retention, fraud, risk management, etc.

A GFF nursing background check is a screening service that may be used to verify an individual’s identity, guarantor’s verification, past employment, home address verification, educational verification, Regulatory compliance, etc. For every level of staff employed whether Registered Nurses or Nursing Assistants there are levels of checks that can be carried out.

’Where a Nurse is detected to have committed Fraud, Crime, Theft, Conspiracy or any Irregularity or exhibits dishonesty and lack of integrity such cannot be trusted to be part of the healthcare system” –

GFF 2023

Why are these Background Checks required?

As the use of nursing agencies increases, with the background of security challenges and compromises that exist, management has to ensure that clients are protected and can rely on the reliability of the system. Some advantages of these background checks include but are not limited to

  •      They help to protect your clients from potential fraud, abuse, and exploitation.
  •      Ensures patients remain safe and are well cared for while protecting your organization from liability.
  •      To protect the safety of employees and your organization.

What Does GFF Background Check Look For?

GFF background checks will ensure everything to do with the patient is being handled by people with integrity. It will ensure staff and patients in the health care system are not doing business with anyone who could cause them legal trouble down the road. It’s vital to understand what verification is, why it’s necessary and how it fits into the healthcare systems’ business processes. A discussion with GFF will help go over everything you need to know about verifications, including how it works and how to get started implementing it in your business operations

  • Understanding the intention of the Nurse. The second step focuses on understanding how the Nurse plans to use the health care system and services. This helps prevent hospitals, health care agencies, etc. from helping individuals who have committed a crime in previous employment from being employed again in another location
  • Prevents transacting with a fraudulent Nurse or Health care agency? Prevent opening your house to an Auxiliary Nurse with a previous criminal record. Because we understand the importance of risk mitigation and the role of background screening reports, verifications, and validations in making decisions, we offer our services at very competitive prices with excellent turnaround time assured.

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