Saudi Arabia Executes Nigerian woman For Drug Trafficking

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (image courtesy Reuters)

Saudi Arabia has executed a Nigerian woman convicted of trafficking drugs, AFP news agency quotes state media as reporting.

The woman was executed along with two Pakistani men and a Yemeni man in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca, on Monday.

A total of 53 people have been executed in the kingdom so far this year, AFP reports.

Saudi Arabia has resisted pressure from campaign groups to abolish the death penalty, saying it is a deterrent against crime.




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2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Executes Nigerian woman For Drug Trafficking”

  1. Copied

    Dear Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa,

    Mine is not a very long letter. Just to commend you for the “passion” that you bring to your work.

    I believe like, you that when we name and shame the bad eggs tarnishing the image of our dear Nigeria, abroad, it will deter others from a life of crime, ABROAD.

    It is in this light that I appreciate your publishing the names of the 5 robbers in UAE. You gave their names as Chimmuanya Emmanuel Ozo, Benjamin Nwachukwu Ajah, Kingsley Ikenna Ngoka, Tochukwu Leonard Alusi and Chile Micah Ndumodu (Ndunagu?)
    Like you rightly pointed out “these five boys are a disgrace to this country and an embarrassment “.

    Unfortunately Mrs Dabiri, you simply referred to the woman executed for drugs as “A Nigerian woman “. I believe you were in a hurry to address this very pressing National issue, that you coulndt wait to get her name.

    You also in the same vein failed to inform Nigerians of the names of the other Nigerians already executed for drugs and does on death row for the same crime- drugs.

    While you and your team are busing unravelling the name of the “Nigerian woman executed for drugs”, permit me to give the names of those already executed and those on death row. Am sure you will agree with me that all hands must be on deck to save the image of our nation.


    1. Yusuf Yekini Ajiboye
    2. Adebayo Adeniyi
    3. Mohammed Abubakar
    4. Mohammed Issa
    5. IBRAHIM Ciroma
    6. Biola Ologunro


    1. Idris Adepoju
    2. Abdulrimi Ajibola
    3. Jimoh Lawal
    4. Tunde Ibraheem
    5. Amode Sulaman
    6. Hafis Amosun
    7. Aliu Mohammed
    8. Babatunde
    9. Abdulrasaq Lawal
    10. Yekini
    11. Abubakar
    12. Kawu Muhammed
    13. Madinah Yahaya
    14. Awalu Muhammed
    15. Kafilat Oljide
    16. Ayisa
    17. Abdulraman Mu’azu,
    18. Abdulraman Durojaye
    19. Abubakar Usman
    20. Sunny
    21. Emeka
    22. Issa.

    I hope I have saved you time that you can channel towards other issues.

    Thank you for all your services to our beloved country.

    Forgive me for missing the “Honourable’ in writing your name.

    *Peter Ekekwe*

    What insensitive posts can lead to….Sad

  2. What is the ‘re orientation agency doing about this in Nigeria

    What checks are being done to ensure people leaving the country are doing it good intent

    Anyway Saudi have very tight penalities

    Good luck to the women

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