Nigeria is a country richly endowed with both human and natural resources. It is the most populous country in Africa with about 180 million people, largest African economy, and largest oil producer, ethnically diverse with more than 250 ethnic and more than 350 linguistic groups. However, about 85% of her net income is from oil (petroleum) which started in commercial quantity in 1958. The country depends largely on oil from the upstream and downstream sector which has resulted in the mono-economic structure and our successive leaders do think or initiate and feasible diversification of the economy.

Overview of EndSars to end Police brutality

Never had Nigerians youths all over Nigeria especially Southern part been so united! It was the most undiluted, peaceful, solid and focused movement of the Nigerian people. They willingly, voluntarily and completely shut down the entire country for few days; the offices and the markets, the formal and informal economy. General populace engaged in self- policing and voluntary enforcement of the strikes. A hungry populace most of whom depended on daily work or sales, endured hunger to reclaim their country. It was a beautiful sight and experience never before witnessed in the country; to crown it all, it was peaceful! When it was time to hold strikes, mass rallies and street protests, the youth poured out daily in huge, unprecedented, and sometimes, frightening numbers in unparalleled display of sovereignty, unity of purpose and oneness in thought and action., the most glorious in Nigeria’s 98-year history of existence as a country.

The other Side of EndSARS

Sponsored thugs, hoodlum hijacked the peaceful protest, burn very dominating heritages in Lagos wasted hundreds of millions of Naira  making the strikes, mass rallies and street protests  an insurrection, and are treasonable. After this expensive and unpatriotic gambit, refusing to listen to the voice of the security agents, the affected States Governors, to avoid collapse, impose curfew to safe the States from anarchy

Expectation from Government

The response of Government has been to say that there is no alternative to the removal of subsidy, proposed increase in Power tarrifs; whilst proscribing SARs and hurriedly introducing SWATs, which was bluntly rejected, and 5-5 point’s agenda introduced, to be followed by 7 reform requests.

Youth have presented to the Federal government their need and demand-termed our seven point demand

1, Institutional reforms (Security)

2, cost of governance

3, Constitutional reforms

4, Health reform

5, Youth development reform

6, Educational reform

7, Public office reform

Which the Government accepted, and promptly advice each State to set up judicial commission of enquiries to review activities of SARs across various States jurisdiction

  1. If Federal government should apply half the vigor with which it has pursued the issue of the removal of subsidy/increase in Power tariffs to the eradication of corruption in all the arms of Government and in society in general then trillions of Naira would be freed up for developmental projects.
  2. Government should identify areas of wastage in governance such as the allocation of largesse and booties in the name of allowances and withdraw same forthwith.
  3. Government must embark on a re-orientation of its own values and ethics and those of Nigerians.
  4. Law and order must be enforced in accordance with the Rule of law.
  5. And many other urgent and indeed numerous measures.

Tactical action required

  1. A call on the National Assembly to officially and formally declare its position to reduce their earning and unwholesome expense all which will amount to 124billion appropriated 2021.
  2. If as we believe the National Assembly will be on sides with the People, then it must extend same transaction call on the President to rescind or reverse its actions on all intents that are not interest of the people, as economic stimulus are being diverted, all intervention frustrated, only very few privileged people took advantage of this intervention less than 10% benefitted obvious we have hunger on the land in Nigeria,

As  Federal government continue to borrow endlessly with no capacity to pay, and we have over inflated  infrastructural project going on, even though is a good step but they are not properly managed in the interest of the people.

IF Federal government fail as advised?

  • Should the call not be heeded by the Federal government there will lost the confidence of Nigerians  for Executive arms of government, and Judiciary to continue to rule or lead t and make laws for them.

If the Legislators fail as advised

Nigerian people will to take the decisive actions to commence the constitutional process to recall them.

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