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We provide advice and services that enable our clients identify opportunities, manage strategic and operational risks, and enhance corporate decision-making

Fraud Consulting Solutions

Fraud Consulting Services and Background Checks

These services include:

Pre-Employment Checks Consulting (for government agencies and the private sector)

As part of pre-employment screening to help clients identify potential hiring risks by evaluating and verifying an applicant’s job-related qualifications and other background information. This information can be used to make better hiring decisions and reduce the risks involved in such decisions.

Physical Address Verification and CAC documentation/Tax validation

We visit physical addresses for the purpose of conducting verification and capturing data as per client’s requirement. Pertaining to business contracts, we help clients validate all CAC and tax documentation provided.

Contractor License Verification

Agencies and associations work with us to verify licenses issued to contractors and practitioners remain in good standing and that no expired or invalid licenses are being used. We also investigate and notify partners and clients of such agencies of any negative information in the contractor files with the licensing agency. The gaps undercut the revenue-generating mechanisms in the affected agencies. 

Our checks and forensic examinations:

  • Ensure only valid licenses are being issued 
  • Review supporting document used to acquire and renew licenses 
  • Ensure all renewed licenses are valid
  • Ensure banned or fake companies are not operating underground 
  • Identify companies using fake licenses

Fraud & Security Trainings

Organizations should conduct fraud and security trainings regularly due to increased risks from the use of technology and the business environment.

Our fraud trainings are tailored to the peculiarities of your industry or government agency, that is, sector-specific fraud awareness based on our client’s needs and best practices. Examples include the use of telecoms-related records for law enforcement agencies and the Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Course for banking officials in collaboration with our UK training partners.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Our comprehensive investigation services based on our combined experience in the telecommunications sector and relationships with law enforcement agencies are designed to quickly track down fraudsters. 

Using only quality data sources and maintaining the confidentiality of personally identifiable information (PII), our procedures ensure that clients obtain the insight they need without exposing them to unnecessary risks.

Other services include:

  • Law enforcement agencies enquiry
  • Telecoms review of subscribers activities
  • Banking review of customers activities

Law enforcement agencies will be required for prosecution outside of our investigative services.

Forensic Solutions

Our forensic solutions cover forensic analysis and investigation which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Revision of agreements to identify and eliminate accounting loopholes
  • Identification of procedural inconsistencies that could help the company strengthen processes
  • Assisting in the development of processes and procedures for reducing the risk of profit leakage, fraud, waste or abuse
  • Identification of fraud risks & potential overpayments or underpayments areas to enable funds recovery
  • Identifying payments the company is not obligated to make with the inclusion of the “right to audit” future agreements
  • Conducting data mining and analytics procedures aimed at detecting and quantifying potential overspending in typical high-risk categories, such as labour, allocated or shared expenses, cost-plus transactions and third-party pass-through
  • Assisting in the recovery of losses due to internal or external supply chain fraud 
  • Conducting due diligence on vendors including vendor risk analysis to identify possible related entities and areas of increased susceptibility to fraud and understand vendor’s operations, accounting controls, and financial reporting environment
Fraud - Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

We also offer mystery shopping services to organizations that wish to measure the quality of sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, or to gather specific information about the market or competitors, including products and services.

Mystery shoppers typically mirror common consumer behaviour to test the consistency of the habits deemed important to specific brands or industry. Our team of well-trained mystery shoppers provide detailed reports about their experiences interacting with the client’s touchpoints. We measure and report the quality of service, compliance with regulations, and gather specific information about products and services. 

Our mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as requesting for a service, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports about their experiences including

  • The quality of service being provided
  • Prices and other charges offered to customers by staff
  • Speed of service
  • Compliance with regulatory standards relating to service
  • Other parameters of interest to the client

We also offer Watchdog Activity and Enforcement, and Police Liaison Services – Reporting fraud and security breaches.

Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance Solutions

We currently offer fraud management and revenue assurance solutions to the banking and the insurance sectors.

Expose Fraud

Fraud Awareness

We sensitize clients and the general public about fraudulent activities and measures individuals and organizations can take to protect themselves or recover from incidents. Please visit our blog Fraud Xposé to access this information.

Legal Statement on the Provision of Evidence

Due to the intrusive nature of forensic audit carried out by G-FF on behalf of our clients, we are compelled to always sign a confidentiality agreement before initiating any audit. The nature of the Non-Disclosure Agreement limits the scope and nature of the information that can be shared.

The clauses within the agreement carry limitations in a confidentiality clause, settlement agreement and a written statement for forensic vendors, so companies signing them fully understand what they are signing and their rights.

The written statement for forensic vendors states that: Based on this clause we have reviewed all evidence within our disposal and any information shared would be in breach of our agreements.

True Leaders Say No

True leaders know the real impact of fraud in the short-term and further down the line. We must all join hands to ensure we promote a society of people and organizations of integrity.

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